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      "See, Connie," the words went on, "see, 'Randa, this is my own photograph, and this is his own watch and chain. I must go and put them away--with my old gems." Constance would have followed her as she moved but she waved a limp forbiddal, prattling on: "This doesn't mean he's dead, you know. Oh, not at all! It means just the contrary! Why, I saw him alive last night, in a dream, and I can't believe anything else, and I won't! No, no, not yet!" At that word she made a misstep and as she started sharply to recover it the things she carried fell breaking and jingling at her feet.A week or two ran by, and now again it was March. Never an earlier twelvemonth had the women of New Orleans--nor of any town or time--the gentlewomen--spent in more unselfish or arduous toil.

      "He means," she heard Mandeville put in, "he means--Charlie--only that we muz not tell. 'Tis a sicret."I think you deserve that, sir, he said to his father, with a forced smile.

      Since that day a whole winter had passed, and Lyrcus seemed to love Byssa more and more tenderly. There was only one subject on which the husband and wife held different opinions. When Lyrcus saw the other women flocking to Melites sanctuary he often wished that Byssa should accompany them. But8 Byssa was inflexible. Remember your promise to my father, she said. Whatever may befall me, I shall never forget his counsel: Do not abandon Zeus Hypsistos, that Zeus Hypsistos may not abandon you. And so the matter rested. But when a Phoenician ship came to the coastfor in those days the Phoenicians were the only people who dared to sail across the seaLyrcus bought the finest stuffs, ornaments, and veils. It seemed as though he could not adorn Byssa enough, she was to be more richly attired than any of the Cychrean women.

      "Let go," he growled, backing away and vainly disengaging now one of her hands and now the other. "My trowel's too silent."

      Trafford entered the hut. The two women had undressed Esmeralda, and she lay like a flower, the red-gold hair framing her face and streaming over the pillow; her eyes were closed, and she seemed scarcely to breathe. She looked so dead that Trafford, as he sunk on his knees beside the bed, shuddered, and had hard work to repress the cry that rose to his lips. He would have taken the hand that hung down so lifeless and laid it on his bosom, but the doctor forbid it with a gesture.


      May I see her? asked Trafford in a low voice.It is not easy to direct you, said Varley, but I will endeavor to do so. You appear to have had a long ride?