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      "It is well," she said, after a moment of reflection. "You could not stay here, of course,you would be eating your heart out in this dull place. Do your duty in the path that lies so straight before you, and trust God for the rest."

      Yet Bergan was considerably relieved by her first words;"Oh, Mr. Arling, don't tell mammadon't tell Astraplease don't!" It seemed probable that the episode of the begging was simply one of the child's strange freaks.

      driving the stolen cattle before him, of course. And this is the moment at which I have sought to represent him."

      Her eyes fell, and her cheek flushed slightly, but she answered with her usual straightforward candor:"I was never taught to pray;my mother died when I was born, and my father believed none of these things. I have no habit of prayer."He shook hands with Mrs. Arling, and gave Bergan a meaning glance, as he did so. The young man rose. "I will walk a little way with you, if you like," said he. "I have a boyish delight in the first snow, and I did not see any last winter, you remember."

      "It is as well that you do not. For I suspect that they are like certain modes of medical treatment; they require a large element of faith to make them efficacious. And, to say truth, neither do I believe in themexcept in a poetical way. If I did, I should say that this sudden shadow augurs but badly for our future acquaintance, and influence upon each other."



      Poor, foolish Tabitha! What would she have thought of the tea-drinking in that lovely old room, mysteriously beautiful in the light of a wood firethe playful, uncertain light which glorifies everything? What would she have thought of those walls of booksrichly bound books, books in sombre brown, big books and little books, from floor to ceiling? A room which made those poor little oak bookcases in the cottage parlour something to blush for. What would Tabitha have thought of his deferential kindnessthat tone of deepest consideration with which such men treat all women, even the old and uncomely? She could hardly have helped admiring his good manners, whatever dark things she might have been told about his earlier years.Could Astra have seen the look of triumph in Doctor Remy's face, she would have been startled. But he only said, quietly,


      Bill the postman glanced round with an air of triumph and satisfaction.