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      Every now and then the crowd would start singing inanely:

      "When the stars are up above the MainSalvation! Salvation full and free!"

      "Did you administer the sacrament of penance to the incestuous wretch?"

      The various sale departments at the Stores were thronged all day from morning to night during this week before Christmas with crowds of purchasers, but the correspondence on business matters, such as engaged Norah, fell off as the holidays approached, and next morning, when she arrived, she found not more than a dozen letters for her to open. Charles, however, was being worked off his feet in the book-department, where were a hundred types of suitable Christmas gifts (the more expensive being bound in stuffed morocco, so that the sides of them resembled flattish{185} cushions) and Norah intended, as soon as she had finished her shorthand transcription, to proceed at once with the typewriting, and then ask leave of Keeling to go and help her brother. He arrived but a few minutes after her, and in half an hour her shorthand dictation was finished.


      Norah looked up at her, laughing.


      In the course of the following year Reuben had news of all his absent sons, except Benjamin, who was never heard of again.


      "What! is she so fair?"Keeling tapped the table impatiently with his fingers. This was business, and in his opinion rotten business.